Zong Internet Packages 3G/4G Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bundles 2020

Zong internet packages are the best to use the internet on your mobile in a fast way. In this special article, we will complete learning about all kinds of Zong internet packages. Like daily net packages, weekly, and monthly internet packages of Zong. Zong is a wonderful network from all networks in Pakistan to use the internet with fast speed and fast downloading.

Zong is Launching very soon 5G technology in each city of Pakistan. You will see the 5G technology of Zong very soon. Some Zong peoples are waiting for Zong 5G. Zong internet packages are the best and highest speed providers. Therefore many peoples are subscribing day by day.

Zong Internet Packages 3G/4G

Zong is providing 3G internet packages and 4G net packages for its internet users in Pakistan. If you want to subscribe and unsubscribe any Zong 4G/3G Offer, Then keep reading this special article of these packages. You can find here activate code and deactivate code from this article. The daily internet packages are best to use the internet for 24 hours On Zong. 3G/4G all packages expiry date and price you can check from our site.

Zong Prepaid Internet Packages

Zong Super Student Offer & Package

Zong super student offer is designed for Zong users. Who are students and using the internet on Zong. If you are a student of any class, and you need the internet sometimes for your important Researches and important work-related your study. At this base, you can subscribe Zong super student offer. Because these packages will give you net for 24 hours, This is the daily offer for any student.

Visit this site for Check Zong internet packages complete details and all packages.

This packages Name

This packages name: Super student offer


Rs. 5 + tax


30 MB

Validity Of this Zong package

2 Hours

How To Activate Super student offer

Dial *3000# and subscribe it

These packages will unsubscribe after 24Hours Because it is the daily offer.


How To

Merrick bank app detail

Merrick bank is Americans famous bank. It provides easy and quick services to his consumers. It also provide mobile, tablet App for its clients so that they can make their account management, payments and many more. The Merrick Bank mobile app is available on app stores of Android and iOS users.

This application is fully optimized and name as “goMobile”. It provides 24/7 quick services to its customers. It is prevented by various security software which make payments secure and quick. Customers personal information is hundred percent secured. It  encrypt the mobile data and have device recognition technology.

  • If a customer want to use Merrick bank’s app for quick access to his account. Then he will have to download this application from App store, android or iOS.
  • Search goMobile Merrick bank in your app store. And install it for your easy access.
  • This app was published on June 19,2013 by
  • It is free of cost. No charges will be taken from customers.
  • This app has 2.8 stars rating on iOS app store. And 4 stars at android app store.
  • the application is safe to use.
  • Your personal information is safe also.
  • You can pay bills at any time at any where.
  • Also you can send money to any where to any one.
  • You have to just download the app and your online banking is very easy through Merrick bank app.
  • Your home bills like internet bills can be easily paid through internet banking.
  • The applications also provide Merrick bank offers.


You will have to log in to your account by putting username and email.

You can also enable your finger print ID

It provides quick view of current balance, available credits, and payment amounts.

You can set schedule payments. You can also login your credit card.

You can also setup alerts setups and managements. Hope you like this article.


Check Iqama Expiry & Status In Saudi


iqama expiry date & StatusThe Details about the Topic of Iqama Expiry Here you will get whole about this Topic Because this Whole the Content is about to this one.

Where you can read about the fully Expiry date of the iqama. And here we already Know that this Services is Only Used in Suadi Arabia.

Suadi Arabia is the State where you can check all the E Services Through given the Website Portal And There you have to just provide the details and get the Status About this Keyword.

When Ever you will Search about the Keyword of Iqama the firstly thing which is appear into mind that is the Expiry date of this means every details Conform that time when you have the date of your iqama.

The Expiry iqama always never works about any services. And in the Saudi Arabia you can not use the Expiry iqama because this will break the official rules about the any services. When ever you used the Expiry iqama all the services are banned form your Self.

And Here you can check all the details about your iqama and Iqama Expiry. And if we talk about the method It is easy to verify all the details related to iqama, Visa and passport.

You must register in the Absher app on the phone before verifying any details. You also need to live at KSA during the Absher registration process.

Verify Kafeel’s name on Iqama or online portal on KSA. And you will only get these all the details form the given link.

Where you can read the best methods about checking this services more over you can also read about the that services which is used in Saudi Arabia So, Now click to given link and search all the best methods to Search iqama Expiry.

How To Check Iqama Status & Expiry On Official?

Dear Saudi Arabia worker, the government site moi also providing option to check the status and other details about iqama.

The process of checking on website is mostly same with absher app. Simply first of register yourself on moi site by clicking the button of new user same like the app of absher.

After completing resgistration login and open the website Dashboard. In this section open the iqama section to check the status of iqama and expiry