Zong Conference Call – How To Activate

Zong is one the most Powerful telecom company in Pakistan that is providing fastest speed internet In Pakistan. In Fact, Pakistan people wants to best telecom company like this. May Zong solve the problem of Many internet users in pakistan.

Zong Conference Call
Zong Conference Call

As well as Zong is offering best offers like Zong Conference Call. I know you are come here to learn about that. But don’t worry we are explaining everything With wonderful detail. Please keep touch with us. And Zong get some reward after getting popularity in pakistan. Also Zong is growing with the way of ”Fastly”.  Let’s Discuss

Zong Conference Call

As yo know Zong follow the customer’s demand that what its customers wants. Zong conference call is the free service where user can add upto 10 calls in one call. I wanna say its users can do group call very easily without facing something or problem.

By using this you can keep connect with your Family members if you are living in out country or city from our home, For different purposes like student or job. For meeting and comfordable dicussion this call might best.

Conference Call Zong
Conference Call Zong

How To Activate?

Here i explained the method which helps to you can easily activate Zong Conference Call easily. First of all you have to call ”310” because this is the customer care (Helpline) number of Zong. After picking the call the zong’s helper will talk with you.

Now you have to ASK them for activating Zong Conference Call. When you will ASK That. The Zong host will activate this offer on your Zong sim. After the activating, Might you will receive the confirmation from the Zong.


In this article, We have explained about Zong Conference call. Like this offer activation method and how to make it and others way. And also you can learn something about Zong.


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Coin Master Spin not working problem Solved

Sometimes, you face many problems related to coin master and coin master free spins. Today, we will clear all your doubt about games and their complaints.
Mostly game lover asked coin master not working or coin master spin not working. So don’t worry about these kinds of problems. I will tell you the solutions to overcome these problems. You can get Free spins and coins here:

Coin Master not working solution

Sometimes, game lover asked or complaint coin master not working. So don’t worry about this, this game works on all internet connections. Due to poor connection or low speed then , it face loading trouble. It may solve by making connection strong.
Why Coin master Spin or link not working in my laptop? Coin Master reward link works perfect in mobile and tablet devices. Coin Master game available for mobile, tablet and links works best in it. Some user install game in laptop may be by some tricks.
So, for those users, it may possible that reward link not work. Link will work perfect for normal users.
There are too many facebook page and some blog post some spin link. if you follow of them and collect reward then click the same link. A message is shown in your game home screen “ Coin master spon not working”.
Actually all coin master spins and coin links collected from different sources, mostly links shared by Coin Master. So, its depends on Coin Master to provide spin link. If you have facing these kinds of problems it means you already used these links. You can use one link at one time. You never cheat this game. So,play with smart way and enjoying the latest features of this game.
I hope you get benefit from this article and it helpful for you. If any problems, comment in comment box, I will tell you the solutions.

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wells Fargo dealer services pay a bill

Wells Fargo dealers service is one of the nation’s leading auto lenders, serving over four million auto finance customers. Wells Fargo dealer service has relationships with more than one 14,000 auto dealers. Wells Fargo auto is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. member FDIC and the equal credit opportunity, the lender.

 If you want to pay the bill to the Wells Fargo dealer service then it is the easy and best way with the Wells Fargo dealer service .To pay bills to the Wells Fargo dealer service, automated phone payments or agent-assisted payments can also be made by calling on 1-800-289-8004. 

So this is the easy and simple way to pay bills on Wells Fargo dealer service. And you can also pay bills online to the Wells Fargo dealer service. By the online process make your payment at no cost from wells Fargo automatically with the wells Fargo automatic payments. 

So for this online method, you will need to sign in on to the Wells Fargo online. So select your auto loan and then select the automatic payments link or call customer service for assistance at 1-800-559-3557, Monday- Friday, 8 am to 6 pm local time. And you can also pay bills with your credit card. 

So you can pay your Wells Fargo dealer bill using your credit card through plastic and optimize cash flow and earn card rewards by paying Wells Fargo dealer with your credit card. And you can also pay your Wells Fargo credit online through the mail, over the phone, or in-person at a branch. 

So making your wells Fargo bills online is the easiest option for the customers of the wells Fargo dealer service. Wells Fargo auto is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. member FDIC and the equal credit opportunity, the lender.  So you can see the easy and different methods in this topic through which you can pay bills at Wells Fargo dealer service.

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Boi corporate login

Bank of india provides two types of accounts to their customers one is personal and the other is corporate. So that is why there are two different log in processes according to account type.

Corporate login is slightly different from a personal login method. In personal log in we just enter our username and password and just clicking on the submit button we can access our account. But in corporate login it is a little bit confusing. So here we go, following steps will help you to Boi net banking account in bank of india.

  •     Open your favourite browser on your mobile, PC, tablet or desktop.
  •     Type official website of bank of india, which is
  •     After opening the website, the home page of BOI will be visible in front of you.
  •     At the right side bar of the home page you will see different buttons available for different services. There, you will find internet banking, click on “internet banking”. There are two buttons available one is personal and the other is corporate.
  •     Click on “Corporate”, a customer briefing page will be shown to you, read that page and click on “OK”. It will lead you to the new page.
  •     At the new page you will see different stuff, a content bar and two side bars. Central content bar is for new users who want to register. Right side bar is for “corporate login”
  •     In corporate log in, enter your corporate ID, user ID and password given to you at the time of registration and get boi statement
  •     Enter captcha numbers and click on submit button. Agree to the terms and then you can access your account.