How to Check Emirates Id Renewal Status

Emirates id reviewal is most important. because you have a plan to work and business in Dubai emirates id renew must before expiry. Because if you do not submit the application for revenue 30 days before the expiry date of the Emirates ID card,

it is possible that your ID card will expire and you will be fined heavily. The Dubai government may not allow you to stay longer. Your problems may increase further. It is better that you keep track of the expiration date of your Emirates ID card. if your Emirates ID Expire heavy fine on you there Check Emirates ID status online in one minutes.

In this regard, the Government of Dubai has set up a separate website in which visitors and citizens can check the expiration date of their ID card online, and if you need to renew it, pay a specific payment. You can also create new ID cards.

People who apply for Emirates ID card renewal in Dubai also have to provide a lot of details such as their mobile number and their full address as soon as their card is made. They get a call from Dubai Post Office. You can get your ID card from us or pay some extra money and the card will be delivered to your home or your office.

Also, if you want to know online whether my ID card has been created or not, you can easily find out its status from your mobile or laptop, the full method of which we will share with you. here is the complete procedure to check emirates id card renewal status. To check Emirates Id status, tracking, renewal and fees all visit this website www.visaiqama.com

How to check Emirates ID Renewal status?

The method we are telling you is a website of the Dubai government called ICA. If your ID card has been renewed, you can know the details by pressing the number or you When you are making a new one, then you will have its application number, you can find out whether it is or will be, it will be the whole show.

1. First, go to the ICA website or click on the link provided click here

2. You will see a lot of portals at the top of the home page on this website.  just click on the service

3. Click on the Priority service to check the renewal status

4. Now in front of you will be the option of emirates ID Card.

5. Now type the Emirates number of your old emirates ID card and click on search at the top it will come with full details. Recommended: Step By step procedure to Emirates ID Tracking Online is very important.

If you live outside of Dubai, this website may not open in front of you, so you have to download a VPN from your Play Store and connect to the server in Dubai, then this website will open in front of you. And see all your details and information