How To Apply Online Family Visit Visa KSA

If you live in Saudi Arabia and want to invite your family including the father who is the mother of the resident wife etc. Stay in the state for a limited period of time is called a family visiting visa. Legally, most of the things needed to invite your family to Saudi Arabia.

Today we told you the complete step-by-step process. how much time is needed, what kind of documentation is required, a family visa is allowed or not, and how to check online visit Visa.If you want to Apply For Saudi Arabia Visit Visa here is a Complete Procedure to Apply Online Visit Visa In KSA www.Checkvisavalidity.com

How To Apply Online Family Visit Visa KSA 2021?

Step no 1 Apply for a Visitation for the Saudi Family, you must first visit the Mofa website

Step 2 At the top of the homepage website you will find two types of options. The first is for the people while the other will be for organizations and sectors. Click Individual

Step 3 Click on an individual. A new page will appear where you will see four types of options. The first is Citizen 2nd one is GCC Citizens, the 3rd is resident and the fourth is one. To apply click on Resident. Step 4 Click on residents. In the first row Application for family visits will be displayed. Then click on the line.

Step 5 Now select any English / Arabic language

Step no 6 Application for a family visit to the community At the opening of the five types of information points will appear. (1) Important Notes (2) Personal Data (3) Data Search (4) Visitor Data (5) View Request. Below all this information will be I agree with the button It should be Thika.

Step 7 In personal details enter your residential details first residential number means Iqama number. Enter Iqama date and last visa number. After typing these three items, Press the Next button.

Step no 8 In-Demand option Type your exit address and sponsor ID.

Step no 9 Visitor data contains details of who you are calling in Saudi Arabia and how you feel about the relationship. Write the date of expiry of their passport. And how old do you want to get a visa? Do not take 10 steps after writing all these things, the request will come in the form of a form. Save and send and print from Sponsor. In Kuwait check All About Civil ID and its status renewal and much more and Online check Civil id Expiry date now easy in Kuwait.

Then prepare this paper and wait 7 days until the visa is issued.