How To

How to login to a Nectar card

Customers who usually want to earn nectar points through unique numbers, have registered themselves in a Nectar account. Then link their Nectar with their Mymail account. Before logging in to the Nectar card, once you have to register for Nectar card online and after that you are able for Nectar card login. You can manage your account through this card online. You can also check your personal details,collected and spent points, special offers and promotions.

For registration in Nectar you must have to follow the instructions.

  •     First of all open in you favourite browser in smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  •     Click on the “Join Nectar” button, available at the top right of the menu bar. This will lead you to a new page.
  •     At the new page there are two options one is Nectar and the other is Nectar business.
  •     Click on “Nectar”, when you click on that you will reach a new page containing a registration form.
  •     Write your valid email in the email address box. Repeat your email for confirmation.
  •     If you want to receive marketing emails from nectar then just tick the option and click on the “Continue” button.
  •     In the new page you have put your personal details. Write your title according to your gender and status like Mr, Mrs, Dr, Miss etc.
  •     Write your first name in the first name box. then right your last name in the next box.
  •     Put your right date of birth in the sequence that first put days, then months then years.
  •     Put your security name on the place of “Memorable name”.click on continue. You will register after a little bit more info.

When you completely register you will receive an email from Nectar and able to get Daily Mail Rewards

  •     For log in, you have to come to the main page of then click on “I already have a Nectar card”, you will reach a new page.
  •     Put your card number and click on continue. You will be logged in successfully.