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Merrick bank app detail

Merrick bank is Americans famous bank. It provides easy and quick services to his consumers. It also provide mobile, tablet App for its clients so that they can make their account management, payments and many more. The Merrick Bank mobile app is available on app stores of Android and iOS users.

This application is fully optimized and name as “goMobile”. It provides 24/7 quick services to its customers. It is prevented by various security software which make payments secure and quick. Customers personal information is hundred percent secured. It  encrypt the mobile data and have device recognition technology.

  • If a customer want to use Merrick bank’s app for quick access to his account. Then he will have to download this application from App store, android or iOS.
  • Search goMobile Merrick bank in your app store. And install it for your easy access.
  • This app was published on June 19,2013 by
  • It is free of cost. No charges will be taken from customers.
  • This app has 2.8 stars rating on iOS app store. And 4 stars at android app store.
  • the application is safe to use.
  • Your personal information is safe also.
  • You can pay bills at any time at any where.
  • Also you can send money to any where to any one.
  • You have to just download the app and your online banking is very easy through Merrick bank app.
  • Your home bills like internet bills can be easily paid through internet banking.
  • The applications also provide Merrick bank offers.


You will have to log in to your account by putting username and email.

You can also enable your finger print ID

It provides quick view of current balance, available credits, and payment amounts.

You can set schedule payments. You can also login your credit card.

You can also setup alerts setups and managements. Hope you like this article.